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Hi there! I'm Lara, and I am the designer & creative director behind Connekta Digital.
I create brands, design websites. I help people tell their stories through design.

"My expertise is bringing to the world the understanding of who you are and how your business can transform lives."

One of the main things that sets myself apart from many designers is that I come from a analitical and practical background. Working many years with trading, management and f&b, gave me a different perspective of what is truly important when design efficient branding.
I am always involded a 100% in the projects and I place skilled professionals accordingly to the need of each project, to be able to produce quality results in a timely fashion.

I've created Connekta for:


for the sake of BOLD DESIGN cause we know all the rules, as we like to break them!


to offer accessible technological advantage for small and medium businesses.


to help businesses understand ethical design and responsible goals.

Design is the most powerful tool to affect change through communication.

meeting with the ceo
The power of Design
Design is a strategic investment, to bring business growth and innovation, attracting valuable customers. Design has transformed branding into a more expressive way to connect with clients.
Steady. Brand. Growth!
Hold your flag still. Share your believes. Support your causes. Business are no longer allowed to be neutral. Clients are people, and people want to connekt with companies that support them.
Writing is a gift
Expressing your self right, using the right words, and simple ones, be clear and direct. To send efficient messages. People don't read long anymore. Be precise and be brief.
Opportunities = Foster entrepreneurship
We believe fostering entrepreneurship is to give a chance to showcase talents that would go undersign otherwise, is to create opportunities, not for one, but for many, at an exponential level.
The magic of tech X The one man show
We know tech has gone mad, and it's amazing the things we can do with it. Although we also know that it's not easy to keep track and up to date to all new things, apps, behaviours, while running a startup or what we call "a one man show". So we are here to help.
Consciousness and responsibility.
We believe a path of creation is a path of value. Focus on monetary gains is a mistake. Money is a reward to keep you going. The true value is creating something you love, that is helpful and beneficial to as many people as possible. We make extra efforts so the impacts in and out of the company are fair and positive, we are connekted to our community and we care for the environment. These are our priorities.